This idea came from another photographer, and it didn't exactly go as planned :)  I don't mind.  I was there shooting just for the fun of it.  Location wasn't what the other photographer envisioned either.  The whole set up was going to be "sad girl in the rain".... it didn't rain that morning.  Since we needed water, and at the original location access to water was difficult, we changed it to my back yard.  We simulated the rain with a hose.... needless to say, my wife got almost as wet as the Girl in the Rain.  It was a cold morning as well, so this took a few tries, as the poor, brave Brittany faced the cold weather and cold water. I was shooting with both the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Sony NEX-7.  Today I only shoot with these two cameras.  They are both great for weddings, engagements, portraits , landscape .... you name it.  They are small, light, and portable, and don't attract too much attention.  I highly, highly recommend both of these cameras.  Here are some images from the session in the "rain", where sad, turned to sensual.  Enjoy!