When I started with my photography, years and years ago, I was never keen on photographing people.  I was once told that my images, although very nice, looked like post cards.  They never featured my friends or family, only the nature and landscapes surrounding us. I wasn't deterred by it, and kept making images the way I liked.  One day, that changed.  I wanted to try something new, something different, and wondered if I would be able to make images of humans.  After a while I found that I actually liked directing and coming up with ideas for a model to do.  I always was intrigued with strange ideas, that were possible to shoot.  I was never good at painting or photoshopping, so I never had any inclinations creating images that way.   I settled on trying to get my ideas in camera, using conventional methods. Women, fedoras, and cigars.  I guess one might say that this isn't an original idea, but then again there aren't a lot of original ideas left :). I just wanted to put my little spin on this, and I think it came out quite good.  It's still not exactly what I wanted and imagined, so I will have to re-shoot this concept or continue the story :) .  Of course this was shot entirely with Fuji XT1 and X-Pro1 cameras with 2 lenses, a Fuji 56 f1.2 and Rokinon 85mm f1.4.  I like the length of the Rokinon lens, but the Fuji is so much superior in every regard, and it has auto focus.  Of course both lenses were set to the widest apertures for maximum depth of field.  Fuji lens performed perfectly, fast, sharp and beautiful for portrait photography.  Rokinon wasn't bad, a bit soft wide open, but overall very good lens for the money.  Here are some images from the session.